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If you’re planning the first trip to London, you really won’t find it difficult to get around. With its exciting history, world-famous attractions like the London Eye and the Natural History Museum, delightful shopping and brilliant entertainment, you’ll find that you can easily enjoy the very best of London right outside your door – but you’ll need to plan your London excursions carefully to make the most of your visit.

The first step to planning your London excursions is to work out whether you’ll want to be ground-based or on-the-air, and if you don’t want to miss the Tower of London, make sure you stay there! Getting on and off the boat is easy, but getting on and off the boat immediately after exiting the Thames will require a bit of planning. If you’re leaving from the CityFly® queue and have to return to the main platform, you’ll need to queue up again to re join the queue at the Tower of London, which is high security so you may not want to take this chance – and it’s usually fairly busy!

Once you’ve queued up, bought your ticket (the London Pass is the best option to buy) and boarded the train, you’ll discover that the London Pass is a great way to save lots of money on the Tower of London ride. You can choose from several options when it comes to entering the Tower of London, and the entry fees and renewals are all kinds of cheap. You can either buy a hand stamp at the station itself, or, if you don’t fancy the hassle of visiting the station, you can apply for a smart bracelet that qualifies for the Thatcham Lovers meter. This meter starts at £1.79 and, once you’ve used it, you can go back to £5.99 for a further seven days.

Once you’ve entered the tower, you’ll be faced with the famous whale Museums, which have now been refurbished and are a fantastic experience. Perhaps the best thing about the museums is that they’re free – so you don’t have to worry about commitments like paying up front. The majority of the whales are around the Harland and Wolfe Art Gallery, but there are also whale-watching tours you can take outside, too.

The Museums

Situated at the very edge of the City, the Museums are a fantastic experience. If you’d prefer to explore them at a leisurely pace and with plenty of room, consider one of the museum passes, which range from £7.50 for a single-day pass to £35. You can buy tickets online, from the museum itself, or from a number of retail outlets around London.

For families with youngsters, there’s an array of fun activities, including the Dragon display and World of Life. There’s also an impressive Holocaust exhibition and the Space Mission:onderboy, a truly exhilarating experience.

The Science Museum

The Science Museum offers an excellent blend of interactive, visual and audio entertainment, meaning there’s plenty for all the family to enjoy. If you’re travelling with youngsters, they’re bound to be keen to see the evil Genies, and a visit to Penny Arcade is a great way to demonstrate just how science-minded the modern generation are. The museum is as much for the young as it is for the older, with lots of exciting exhibits and an area devoted to video games. You can also visit the large replica of the Parthenon, among many other impressive galleries.

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