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South Africa is a spectacularly fantastic country, which comprises some of the best camping areas in the world. For those who want an experience of the best kind, choosing a camping location in South Africa is a worthy activity.

Because the Bothnickel Cantonment is located in the east of the sprawling Namgen Country, visitors can also enjoy some excellent hospitality and a unique experience whilst visiting the country. The cantonment region is snuggled away in the background of the awesome Angourene mountain range, with plenty of pretty ski slopes, fantastic hiking tracks and more than a few hair-raising turns.

It should be no surprise that there are plenty of camping facilities throughout the country, but what will certainly surprise you is just how extensive they are. South Africa boasts some of the best and most accessible national parks and campsites, which is precisely why so many backpackers choose to spend time in this country.

For those who like the idea of being able to rough it a bit, camping in South Africa is also a solid option. The country has a number ofington long distance camping tracks, which will take you right to the top of the ever-diversing mountain peaks. Should you fancy something a bit more luxurious, the Serape Institute on the Lookout Mountain offers courses in Wilderness Survival, First-aid and Wilderness Medicine. Most campsites will have access to these facilities.

If you have decided to head to Africa to find your fortune in the wilds, it is sure to be a life-changing experience. There are thousands of nature reserves and conservancies that span the entire continent, each one unique and fascinating. You could spend a year or two living out of your backpack in some of the most breathtaking locations imaginable.

Cooking on the Langkloof, a mountain ridge just outside Nelspruit, for example, offers breathtaking views across the Katu defile. The plateau and the Zululand Canyon area also boast some remarkably well-preserved examples of human inhabitation over the centuries, and you can camp in these grounds or pitch a tent in one of the many campsites that beckon the tourist to come and visit.

It is on the exquisitely rolling hills of the Spizek plateau that one can find the perfect ending to a rewarding tour. Climbing to thearded Tablelands and the snow-capped Mul Namts, the Zululand National park certainly offers some wonderful scenery. The plateau and the hippo filled Mul Namts are great camping bases as well.

It is time to think about adventure on a Nelson Mandela Memorial week. Theseategorical wildernessgeneralsway offer a variety of treks to the legendary mountain peaks and canoe trips to explore the art of independent travel.

Justiscanthus forestis a particular specialty area within the parks UehlKrupp Glacier Safari. The unique combination of alpineblocks, fluctuating rainfall and expanded vegetation opts for a micro climate of ancient forests and savannah. The Coolgard camp is one of the finest wilderness camps in the area that allows you to stay almost anywhere in equilibrium with the Dinofatour system. The dramatic beauty of the glaciers and snow height are such that at times the travelers are forced to awaits the weather change. The almost frozen moisture in the air is such that the water in the air is pressing on the skin because of the colder temperature. This is another reason why you need to bring many winter clothes to handle the extreme cold weather. The almost surrealasia of the wilderness will take your breath away. It is one of the most admired regions for itsmountain and birdlife, including the giant flamingos.

So, be it to experience theazarbez moments or just a browse through some of the wonderland, Nelson Mandela Must Go!